Freek Vermeulen, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School, HR forum 2018, 40 years GPMA
Keynote Forum Speaker

Freek Vermeulen

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School.

Freek’s research covers topics such as strategic innovation, strategies for growth, and managing change, and has received various prestigious international prizes. Freek writes regularly for outlets such as the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. The latter wrote about him: “The London Business School professor is a rising star and his pithy observations are both accessible and authoritative”. It also labelled him “a new management guru”. Over the years, Freek has designed and taught some of London Business School’s most successful courses in its MBA and Executive MBA programmes and is the first-ever winner of the School’s “Excellence in Teaching Award”. His books have been translated in various languages. His latest book is “Breaking bad habits: Defy industry norms and reinvigorate your business” (Harvard Business Review Press, 2017).

Conference Overview

Partnering for change: How to make HR truly strategic

Progressing technologic developments, economic uncertainty, and a changing business landscape increase the importance of the cooperative skills of both individual employees and their organisations. In this keynote speech, I will discuss the pivotal role of partnering – in various shapes and forms – for long-term business performance. To build capabilities for change, people and coordinated strategy become paramount. In this light, we will discuss how, for HR, cooperation with different functions is a strategic necessity. We will explore linkages to topics such as innovation, decision-making under uncertainty, challenging outdated conventions, and instigating pro-active change.

–          How can HR strategize cooperation with other functions?
–          How can internal partnering activate change?
–          What are barriers to change and cooperation?
–          How can companies be more pro-active in adapting to external yet unknown circumstances?
–          What is the role of partnering and people in stimulating innovation?
–          How can firms challenge outdated habits and develop new ways of working?

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HR Directors | HR Generalists | HR Consultants

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