President's note
Sotiris Stamatiou, President, HR forum 2018, 40 years GPMA

Dear friends,

Welcome to our annual HR Forum! Designing the forum this year we focused on analyzing the radical changes related to Work that are internationally recorded and are starting to affect our country as well.

In Greece, a lack of talent due to brain drain has already been noticed, as well as the creation of mostly part-time and low-skill jobs. The Human Resources professionals, in cooperation with the other corporate departments will face new hierarchical structures, consisting of networks of SMEs and flexible groups of employees, interconnected through new technologies.

HR professionals are expected to manage internationalized production systems, they are likely to introduce robotics, to seek effective production split into other intermediate & independent production units that may operate outside the country. They will contribute to the creation of new forms of employment.
All the above will lead to the remodeling of businesses and professions, the need to acquire modern skills, especially digital ones, but also to upgrade the existing ones. It is also necessary to develop leadership skills, a new culture of cooperation and different behaviors, based on a strong Code of Conduct that will be not be feasible without the involvement and understanding of other business units.

This year’s HR Forum, “Partnering for the Future,” will focus on HR synergies with the other corporate departments, eliminating silos and investing in open communication, as well as in the different roles that modern HR Professionals will play on the basis of the Code of Conduct of the profession.

We will have the pleasure of hosting two Master Class presentations and to present the results of the survey called “Career path of modern HR professionals”, which was initiated for the first time in Greece and it will run in Europe next year.

Join us to see our profession from a different perspective and find the actions to build a strong partnering for the future.

Thank you for your participation and support!

Sotiris Stamatiou

GPMA President

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