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PPP is a training consulting firm.
We help people develop the kind of versatile thinking that

  1. is resilient to change
  2. is creative even in uncertain times and that
  3. challenges the existing way of doing things, when a new way of doing things is required for success

In our quest, the guiding idea is the fundamental question of ‘what is it for?’, the key concept of purpose.

PPP organizational development methodology covers the three distinct aspects of the human interactions in the business environment, relations with customers, relations with others and relations with self.  The development of PPP methodology is based on systemic approach that is implemented through the formulation of “Academies” and the use of “Training Engineering”.

► Academy is a thorough organizational intervention in a specific area of business needs. Academies utilize learning objects from PPP’s libraries of content. Each learning object of PPP constitutes a behavior system, which is the result of several years’ research and expertise, experience and insight into core corporate issues and organizational behaviors.

► Training Engineering is a methodology of instructional design, development and distribution of training content. All learning objects have been developed using the Training Engineering methodology.

PPP has the know-how (Training Engineering) and the content (Academies) for designing and developing Blended Learning training programs that meet all criteria to support certification programs.

Finally, our main competitive advantage and unique selling point, which makes our learning approach unique is:

the use of drama techniques as generator of experiences in our experiential workshops.

Drama based training creates a new innovative proposition of people development.

Our method is based on the most modern drama techniques, coming from:

Physical Theatre,

Complicity Theatre

► Body Theatre

Forum Theatre

► Spontaneity Theatre.

Drama based training has impacted the PPP curriculum and educational practice in three significant ways:

  1. as a method for learning
  2. as a subject for developing specific skills
  3. as a helping agent (coaching)

Our uniqueness is that we combine drama with business experience and knowledge.

Our endeavour in PPP is for building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and colleagues, based on reciprocal trust. The Sales, Leadership and Personal Development Learning systems of PPP have been applied in the largest organizations, as well as multinational companies in Greece and the surrounding area such as Cyprus and Balkan countries.

The result is impactful performance!

For more information please visit: www.ppplearn.com

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