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DIRECTION BUSINESS NETWORK publishes more than 30 print and electronic titles and maintains a strong online presence in order to promote and support different sectors of the Greek economy.

It offers daily valid, timely and meaningful information covering the following areas:
Marketing, Communication & Media
Retail & FMCG Industry
Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
New Technologies & Telecommunications
Personal Care

Established Relationships with the Market (Loyalty)
The direct and interactive communication with its markets, place the company at the forefront of business developments and new modular market trends.
Through its publications, DIRECTION offers objective information and valuable work tools to all professionals of the sectors covered by the company (Opinion Leaders, Opinion Makers, Decision Makers), systematically promoting businesses, products or services and people or groups behind them.
Significant specialization and experience help to shape mutually trusting relationships and cooperation with the entire market and lay the foundation for further expansion of the company and its activities.

Added Value
As part of the continuous development of its activities, DIRECTION has the necessary know-how for further expansion of the “niche” markets covered, by the provision of new services / products, with special concern to the increase of the added value for the company’s customer, as well as to the exploitation of synergies and the creation of economies of scale.

Vision – Objectives
With great sensitivity and awareness of the needs and the significant changes the Greek market is experiencing nowadays, DIRECTION responds to the challenges of the era and has always as its main objective the provision of accurate information, support and assistance to the Greek business community.

For more information please visit: http://csrnews.gr/

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