2018 Speaker
Antonis Rousseliotakis
Antonis Rousseliotakis, Analyst, Journalist & Managing Director-Social Handlers, HR forum 2018, 40 years GPMA

Antonis Rousseliotakis is the Managing Director of Social Handlers, a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in Social Media, Content providing and Digital Advertising.

He was also the General Manager for Science & Technology Business Unit at Liberis Group, as well as the head of IT Publications and manager of the Group’s business editions.

He is a big “fan” and analyst of Enterprise IT business, and he is certified as a CITM (Certified Information Technology Manager) by EPI – one of the very few in Greece. He has written more than 4.000 articles, essays and analysis papers, and a pioneer on electronic media.

He is a graduate of Chemistry University in Athens and has also studied Computer Programming (Fortran, Pascal, C, Visual basic) before starting his carrier as an IT analyst. He is married and a father of two.

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